What about Demi..

Ok guys, I see that a lot of people go to this post thinking that maybe I wrote something about this beautiful woman called Demi Lovato.

I’m sorry for disappoint, I just picked some happy image because I was really happy that day.

Thinking about it, I decided to make a post to talk about Demi. So you ask me: why are you writing in english if you’re brazilian? Well, these people who see my blog (the Demi’s post, specifically) are almost all American, thank you guys!

Okay, is not that easy to talk about Demetria. I am a huge fan since I was 12 years old, that means it’s been already almost nine years. It’s a lot of time and I grew up with her, I saw a lot of things that happened, the Camp Rock, the Jonas Brothers, her (frustated) date with Joe, the rehab, the recovery.

It’s funny now to see how much she changed (for better, of course) through the years. She was that weak, problematic and shy girl and now she rises from the ground like a skyscraper and became a confident warrior (have you noticed the pun? Haha).

I love this girl so much. Sometimes I stop and think about everything she’ve been through to show us that there IS a way to get out from the rock bottom. I don’t know exactly all of the details from the recovery, but I know that she is one of the biggest exemples in the whole world.

Because of Demi, I finally understood that life is beautiful, life happens only once and there is so many good things we can take from it. Living is different than existing and this girl is doing it so right.

Do you know that line which says: I can’t speak, just feel.. well, yeah, this is how I feel about all of Demi’s trajectory.

I know I haven’t said a lot, but seriously, there’s not so much to say. Demi is amazing and she’s so awesome now, she’s at her best moment in life and I hope it just gets better. Thank you guys for reading this, and I’m sorry if there’s some gramatical mistakes.



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